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How to Create a Good Shipping Label?

Are shipping labels that important? Let us quickly explore the various aspects of how shipping labels can value add to your supply chain, how we can easily create a shipping label and what are the best practices when creating one.

What is a Shipping Label?  

A shipping label, sometimes called a package label, identifies many things about your package: its point of origin, its destination, its weight, the carrier’s name, unique QR code for system identification, service type. These shipping labels works hand in hand with the shipper to deliver the best shipping experience for the customer.

Without a clear shipping label, packages can be delayed in transit, delivered to the wrong address, or lost completely. Any of these scenarios may lead to either a financial loss or a loss of customer trust, which makes the shipping label extremely important!

7 Key Aspects of a Shipping Label

Shipping labels between each logistics providers like Qxpress, J&T, ShopeeXpress, Ninjavan, Singpost, Fedex, DHL, UPS may vary in design and format, but the general essential elements remain. Let us look at each and every one of them closely below

  1. Sender Name & Address, or return address. Without it, all failed deliveries will be lost and nowhere to be returned to
  2. Recipient Name & Address
  3. Parcel Net Weight or Dimensions
  4. QR Code, this is a key component in modern logistics. Courier man will use a handheld device (usually mobile phone) to do a quick scan and the parcel status will be automatically updated in the logistics system for full visibility to customer, seller and courier company
  5. Tracking Number. This is a unique generated code for the customer to track the parcel online
  6. Service Level/ Type. This will indicate the shipping service level for example priority service, normal service
  7. Shipping Label Size. Typically shipping labels are printed in A6 size

All of the information is automatically formatted by the logistics company and is usually automatically generated with a click of a button

How to Create a Shipping Label?

There are several ways to create a shipping label, depending on the logistics company and the platform you are using.

Individual Website

Typically for individual websites which is customized and designed, be sure to inform your web developer to allow you to print a shipping label directly from a label printer in A6 size with a click. (Refer to the above key shipping label elements to guide your developer on what to include in the shipping label)

For Shopify websites in Singapore, you would need an add on app to generate the labels. For more information, you can refer to the Shopify link here

Shopee Shipping Labels

This is readily available for you to directly print them out. Follow the steps below

Head into Shopee Seller–>Account–> Shipment–> Shipping Setting

Scroll down to the bottom of the “Shipping Setting” page and toggle on the “Thermal Printing” option

Lazada Shipping Label

There is no need to toggle on the setting like Shopee. Follow the easy steps below

Head to “pending”–> tick the boxes of the orders–> select “print”–> choose the options according to Step 4

shipping label- laz
shipping label- laz1

Shipping Label Best Practises

Special Instructions

Nobody would know what items are in the cartons or package. Hence if they are items of high value, fragile items, perishable items, flammable items or extremely heavy items, please remember to have an additional sticker label to highlight to the shipper. This is a smart way to protect yourself against unforeseen damages and aids in the damages claim process should the items become damage. You can find them in our Shop Here

fragile sticker
caution sticker

Position & Printings

Position of shipping label should be sticked on an obvious flat surface. Importantly, the QR code and tracking barcode should be flat, not bend in anyway. Otherwise, the shipper will not be able to successfully scan and update the parcel, which increases the chances of a lost parcel.

shipping label

Another important aspect is the printings of content of the shipping label. The label should be clearly printed with its contents clearly readable. It is also best practise that the labels are water resistant and scratch resistant as these parcels are constantly exposed to the various weather elements at every delivery stage. All our thermal labels are made with Grade A premium quality which is of thick and durable quality with 3Rs (scratch resistant, water resistant, corrosive resistant). You can shop for Zebra and generic thermal label paper here or compatible brother thermal labels here


We hope you have seen how important Shipping labels are in a supply chain. It ensures that the parcel is safely delivered to the recipient with the ability to track the parcel accurately at every shipping stage. You are also safely covered in the case of a lost or failed delivery attempt. If you are sold on the value of shipping labels and lack a thermal label printer, you can consider our sleek and portable option here. We hope this article adds value to your operational processes!

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