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Brother TZe labels are widely used for labeling purposes with Brother P-touch label printers. They come in a variety of types designed to meet different labeling needs. Here are the main types of Brother TZe labels:

1. Standard Laminated TZe Labels

These are the most common type and are known for their durability. They have a laminated surface, making them resistant to water, chemicals, fading, and abrasion.

2. Extra Strength Adhesive TZe Labels

These labels have a stronger adhesive than standard TZe labels, making them ideal for rough, textured, and uneven surfaces. They are also laminated for durability.

3. Flexible ID TZe Labels

Designed for labeling around curved surfaces and wires, these labels are flexible and feature a special adhesive that sticks well to cables and other cylindrical items.

4. Fabric Iron-On TZe Labels

These labels are specifically made for fabrics. They can be ironed onto clothing and other fabric items, making them ideal for labeling uniforms, school clothes, and other textiles.

5. Security TZe Labels

These labels are tamper-evident, meaning they leave a pattern (such as a checkerboard) when removed, indicating that the label has been tampered with. They are often used for security purposes.

6. Strong Adhesive TZe Labels

Similar to the extra strength adhesive labels, these have a strong adhesive designed for more permanent applications but are still slightly different in composition to meet varied needs.

7. Non-Laminated TZe Labels

These labels are not laminated and are typically used for indoor applications where the label does not need to be as durable.

8. Acid-Free Adhesive TZe Labels

These labels are ideal for applications where the label needs to be safe for use on photos, scrapbooks, and other sensitive materials.

9. Specialty TZe Labels

These include various specialized labels like:

  • Heat Shrink Tubes: For labeling cables and wires.
  • Self-Laminating Labels: Used for labeling cables where the printed area gets protected by a clear layer.
  • Tamper-Proof Labels: Provide security by showing evidence if the label has been tampered with.

10. Colored and Transparent TZe Labels

These labels come in various background colors and text colors, as well as transparent options, to suit different aesthetic and functional needs.

11. Metallic TZe Labels

These labels have a metallic finish, providing a unique and professional look for decorative purposes.

These different types of TZe labels cater to a wide range of environments and applications, ensuring that there is a suitable label for almost any need.


In conclusion, to purchase which type of labels wholly depends on your application needs. If there are any questions, feel free to WhatsApp us to understand more. For the full range of compatible Brother TZe label tapes, click here

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