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As we deal with large amount of ink and toner cartridges which are mostly plastic waste, our team has always been thinking how to better manage the cartridges after usage. We also have many customers coming to us asking how and where to recycle their used ink and toner cartridges.

The good news is, there are many recycling programs coming from OEM brands as well as public initiatives in order to be more sustainable. The users are also rewarded in monetary terms. For us, we are also starting our recycling program with a few key cartridge models. Additionally, we will also be rewarding our customers for doing their part in saving our earth.

We have carefully curated all the recycling programs for your easy reference. Our main aim is to make this industry a more sustainable one.

Where to Recycle? (for OEM brands like Canon, HP, Epson, Brother)


Termed as the eco-project, Canon collects back both their own brand of ink cartridge and toner cartridge. Generally, if you are a normal consumer, you will need to contact the Canon customer service on how to return the ink cartridges.

If you are a corporate customer, you can arrange for the user cartridges to be collected. This is an entirely voluntary program. For more information, you can please refer to the link below


For Brother, it is pretty straightforward. You simply drop off the ink cartridge or toner cartridge at any one of the designated recycle bin located island wide. Brother company will be able to coordinate with the designated public waste collectors to recycle or reuse their cartridges. This is also a voluntary program with no incentive to the end user. For more information, please refer to the link below


As the largest ink cartridge and toner cartridge supplier, HP would have to do their part to be sustainable. There are 2 ways to recycle HP brand of cartridges. One is to drop off at their service centre or request for a collection service (minimum of 10 pieces). It is a very straightforward recycling program and it is entirely voluntary. For more info, please refer to the link below:


Unfortunately, currently there is no Singapore recycling program for Epson. Since the termination of the project home coming, there is no local recycling initiative for this brand

Generic Waste Management

There are also public initiatives from assigned licensed public waste collectors (PWC). Each PWC is assigned a designated area to take charge in collecting waste. For e-waste collection, it is split into regulated and non-regulated e-waste. Regulated e-waste are those that have certain stipulations under the Resource Sustainability Act. To collect regulated consumer e-waste, you need to be appointed by NEA with the relevant license. Currently, ALBA is the only PWC with the license to do so. The list of regulated items are available in the link here

There are designated huge waste collection boxes are placed at key high traffic areas for users to easily drop off their e-waste. The boxes look like the ones in the picture below.

ALBA company is by far the largest e-waste collector with their recycling boxes spread across the island, including in community centres, libraries or department stores like Harvey Norman, Courts. However, unfortunately, ink and toner cartridges are currently NOT accepted yet. They can be located in the link below. The other 2 PWC are Sembawang corporation and 800 Super.

ALBA: Jurong & Woodlands-Yishun Sectors

SEMBCORP: City-Punggol and Clementi-Bukit Merah sectors

800 Super: Pasir Ris-Bedok and Ang Mo Kio-Toa Payoh sectors

Our Recycling Program

As one of the largest compatible ink cartridges, toner cartridge and label tape supplier in Singapore, we have to do our part for the environment in order to remain sustainable.

We firmly believe that in order for the program to be sustainable, we need to incentivise our customers to make recycling a part of their life. Hence, we are glad to offer a discount on their next purchase for our customers who return cartridges in a fit for use condition.

We believe this will sustain the recycling program and at the same time do our part for the environment. Currently, we are starting from a few key popular ink and toner cartridge models. We currently take back Original HP 206A HP 206X HP 416A HP 416X and theinksupply compatible Brother TN-2480 toner cartridge (Please WhatsApp us here for more information). We are regularly expanding our recycling program so do stay tuned.


In summary, depending on where the cartridge was purchased, you can recycle the expended cartridges by dropping off at the company’s service center.

We have our own recycling program for our customers and we incentive our customers by rewarding them with a discount on their purchase. Let us do our part for the environment and be sustainable for our future generations.

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