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What Is Pigment Ink?

Pigments are tiny particles of solid matter suspended in a liquid or gas medium, such as water or air.

Why Use Pigment Ink?

Pigment ink are water resistant, highly lasting and prints beautiful vibrant colours

What Is The Main Purpose Of Pigment Ink?

Many applications include printing photos, sticker labels and important documents.

How Do I Know My Printer Ink Type?

It is useful to understand what ink type is your current inkjet printer using. You can refer to the original brand owner website (many of them lack this information) or you can check with us.

Take note if you have been using compatible ink and is unbelievably cheap, always check with your supplier on the ink type they are using. Dye ink are typically more cost effective and hence lower prices.

For more information on the difference in the various ink type (dye, pigment, sublimation), can be found in this separate article we have published here.

Our Focus In This Article

For this article, we are focusing on inkjet printers which utilizes pigment ink. These home/office pigment ink printers are relatively lower in cost and at the same time prints out beautiful and long-lasting photos, sticker labels and important documents.

The list of home/office inkjet printers using full pigment ink is pretty limited. For recent newer inkjet printer models, they utilize a combination of both black pigment ink and colour dye ink. This ensures a good balance between cost and print quality. The list of full pigment ink printers is as below.

Full Pigment Ink Home & Office Inkjet Printers

Canon Maxify MB5070Canon Maxify MB5170Canon Maxify MB5370
Canon Maxify MB5470Canon Maxify IB4070Canon Maxify IB4170
Canon Maxify GX6070Canon Maxify GX7070Epson EcoTank L6460
Epson EcoTank L6490Epson EcoTank L6550Epson EcoTank L6570
Epson EcoTank L6580Epson EcoTank L11160Epson EcoTank L15150
Epson EcoTank L15160Epson EcoTank Monochrome M1100Epson EcoTank Monochrome M1120
Epson EcoTank Monochrome M1140Epson EcoTank Monochrome M1170Epson EcoTank Monochrome M1180
Epson EcoTank Monochrome M2140Epson EcoTank Monochrome M2170Epson EcoTank Monochrome M3140
Epson EcoTank Monochrome M3170Epson EcoTank Monochrome M3180 

Pigment + Dye Home & Office Inkjet Printers

Epson InkTank L4150Epson InkTank L4160Epson EcoTank L4260
Epson EcoTank L4266Epson InkTank L6160Epson InkTank L6170
Epson InkTank L6190Epson EcoTank L14150Epson EcoTank L6260
Epson EcoTank L6270Epson EcoTank L6290Canon Pixma G1000
Canon Pixma G1010Canon Pixma G2000Canon Pixma G2010
Canon Pixma G3000Canon Pixma G3010Canon Pixma G4000
Canon Pixma G4010HP DeskJet GT 5810HP DeskJet GT 5820
HP Ink Tank 319HP Ink Tank 410HP Ink Tank 419
HP Smart Tank 515HP Smart Tank 518HP Smart Tank 519
HP Smart Tank 615HP Smart Tank 618HP Smart Tank 655
Brother DCP-T300Brother DCP-T500WBrother DCP-T700W
Brother MFC-800WCanon Pixma TR8570Canon Pixma TS6370
Canon Pixma TS8170Canon Pixma TS8270Canon Pixma TS8370
Canon Pixma TS9170Canon Pixma TS9570Canon Pixma TS707
Canon Pixma MG5470Canon Pixma MG5570Canon Pixma MG5670
Canon Pixma MG6370Canon Pixma MG6470Canon Pixma MG6670
Canon Pixma MG7170Canon Pixma MG7570Canon Pixma MX727
Canon Pixma MX927Canon Pixma IP7270Canon Pixma IP8770
Canon Pixma IX6770Canon Pixma IX6870 

As we speak, we have also tested various printer models in house that can be used to refill with pigment ink. The important point to note is that, pigment ink and dye ink should NEVER be mixed together as it will result in a clogged print head. In any instance, should you decide to use full pigment ink on your inkjet printer, we would advise to buy pigment ink bottle or ink cartridge and refill into a BRAND-NEW printer that can accommodate pigment ink (NOT ALL inkjet printer is able to). Alternatively, you would need to properly drain out the current ink and refill with full pigment ink.

Below is the list of inkjet printers which can be filled with pigment ink*

Epson InkTank L4150Epson InkTank L4160Epson EcoTank L4260
Epson EcoTank L4266Epson InkTank L6160Epson InkTank L6170
Epson InkTank L6190Epson EcoTank L14150Epson EcoTank L6260
Epson EcoTank L6270Epson EcoTank L6290Epson EcoTank L1110
Epson EcoTank L1210Epson EcoTank L1216Epson EcoTank L1250
Epson EcoTank L3100Epson EcoTank L3101Epson EcoTank L3106
Epson EcoTank L3110Epson EcoTank L3115Epson EcoTank L3116
Epson EcoTank L3150Epson EcoTank L3156Epson EcoTank L3210
Epson EcoTank L3216Epson EcoTank L3250Epson EcoTank L3256
Epson EcoTank L5190Epson EcoTank L5196Epson EcoTank L5290
Epson EcoTank L5296Epson EcoTank L3151Epson EcoTank L3152

*Take note we have tested in house that pigment ink works in selected Epson brand-new printers. However, due to the uncontrollable influencing factors, we are not liable for any kind of unforeseen damages to your printer set.

We sell a range of ink types ranging from dye, pigment to sublimation ink for a wide range of purpose. Please browse our series of products below. In doubt, kindly enquire with us.

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