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Right Way to Store your Printer Ink Cartridge

How to store my unused or half utilized ink cartridges or toner cartridges? This is a common question posed to us every other day. Here is a quick guide to help you. Generally, ink cartridges can be stored up to 12 months.

Brand New Ink Cartridge

Keep it stored away in a cool, dry and dark environment, away from any direct or indirect sunlight. A drawer will do the job just fine.

Keep the cartridge in an upright position with nozzles (this is the place where ink is being ejected) facing up 

Half Utilized Ink Cartridge

For half utilized cartridges, storing becomes even more important.

Firstly, clear off any residual ink droplets using a tissue paper from the ink ejector area. If the ink cartridge contains the print head, gently tap the tissue on the print head to absorb any residual ink left.

Secondly, place the ink cartridge in an air tight container to minimise and slow down the evaporation process of the ink.

Place the cartridge in an upright position nozzle facing up to prevent any possible ink from dripping out or staining the print head (if any).

Close the air tight container and store it away in a cool, dry and dark environment.

As a general rule of advice, for ink cartridges that contains the print head for example models like HP-61xl, HP-62xl, HP-63xl, HP-65xl, Canon 745XL, Canon 746XL and similar models, it is not recommended to store a half-utilized cartridge as the residual micro droplets of ink is difficult to wipe off the print head which results in print head clog.

In general, these steps will help to maximise the ink cartridge life span without issues

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