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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why does my printout looks smudgy/ blur/ blank/ faded?

A: The main issue here is due to the clogged or dirty print head. The print head is the main instrument in printing quality images. It helps to eject ink from the ink cartridge onto paper. Therefore if the print head gets clogged, then images will be distorted. Occasional (not frequent) cleaning of the print head is essential to prevent ink from hardening on the print head. 

Q: Why have my ink level dropped drastically after cleaning the print head?

A: The reason is because in the cleaning process, the printer attempts to fire all nozzles of ink at once, and as the ink sprays out, some of it wicks across the printhead to the dry channels and partially softens the hardened ink. After spraying, a rubber wiper blade is swept across the printhead to spread the moisture evenly across the printhead, and the jets are again all fired to dislodge any ink clumps blocking the channels. Therefore in a round of cleaning, ink is consumed in the process which explains the drop in ink level

Q: My ink cartridge is leaking!

A: If your cartridge is leaking, please email us at [email protected] with pictures showing the leaking cartridge as well as the packaging. Subsequently, once we have successfully verified the issue, we will resend you another batch of cartridge. Do not install the leaking cartridge as it will damage your print head. We want you to experience the best cartridges!

Q: Will the usage of compatible ink cartridge damage my printer?

A: Absolutely not! Compatible cartridge works just as well as original ink cartridges with the same quality BUT at only a fraction of the original cartridge cost. Printer cartridge is no rocket science technology; hence it is easily reverse engineered by many, which erodes the margins of original manufacturers. Therefore, much marketing efforts is being done by printer companies to differentiate their original products in order to maintain the robust margins they are deriving from a sale. The fact is, compatible cartridges produces the same high quality prints but only at a fraction of the price which makes home and small business printing so much more affordable- this is our mission!

Q: What kind of ink are your ink cartridges made of?

A: There are 2 main types of ink used in production. Dye-based or pigment based inks. Read more about pigment vs dye ink in the article here

Q: Are your cartridges refillable?

A: Yes and No! We want to provide choices to our consumers! Refillables are generally more expensive but economical in the long run as opposed to non-refillables. The reason is because they are installed with special ARC (Auto Reset Chip) chip which is able to detect any refilled ink, hence able to show accurately the ink level on the printer LCD screen. We also have refill ink bottles for sale. Do check them out!

Q: How long does it take to reach me after an order is placed?

A: It depends on the delivery method you had chosen. Normal delivery takes 1 – 3 working days (excluding day of order, weekends and public holidays). Expedited parcel delivers latest within the next working day (Our working day is from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays). Please note that festive seasons with public holidays may result in a longer delivery time frame. 

Q: Why have I not receive my order after 1-2 weeks?

A: Our typical delivery time frame is 1 – 3 working days to deliver to your place (this excludes the day of order, weekends and public holidays). Do allow about 1-2 more working days should it be a peak period like singles day, black friday or any other sale event. Please email us at [email protected] for further assistance.

Q: What if my item is faulty?

A: We will require you to take a video of the claimed fault and email to our technical team at [email protected]. Subsequently, our technical team will diagnose the issue and offer troubleshooting tips. If the issue persists, customer can either send the item back to us while we send a replacement to you. Alternatively, customer is able to make an appointment to head down to our warehouse to do an on-site exchange.

Q: When will stock be replenished?

A: Our inventory will typically be replenished every month. You can simply drop us an email and we will notify you as soon as the stock is in. Alternatively, you can make a pre-order and similarly we will notify you as soon as stocks are in.

Q: Do you have this particular printer model ink cartridge/ toner?

A: Kindly fill up the enquiry form and we will check up our inventory to suit your needs. We can always bring in the required ink cartridge/ toner if it meets our MOQ requirements

Q: I want to cancel my order due to unexpected circumstances

A: We will be able to cancel your order and refund you the order amount only if the items have not been processed.

Q: Can I self-collect the items myself?

A: Yes but as we are an e-commerce store by nature, we have a minimum purchase of $30 for store pick up. Self-collection is available on appointment. Our location is as below

Block 3023 Ubi Road 3 UBIPLEX #05-06 s(408663)

We are few blocks from Audio House and a short 3 minutes walk from Ubi MRT station.

Q: Do you have a physical retail store?

A: No, we do not have a retail store at the moment. Our business model focuses on online retailing, which enables us to pass the significant savings to the consumers in the form of lower prices on our items.

Q: Why are compatible inks so much cheaper and affordable than original ones?

A: It is no secret that printer companies make a loss on selling printers but subsidizes the loss with huge profits from the ink cartridges. Ink cartridges are low costs items coupled with our unique business model, we thus are able to make printing affordable for you.

Q: Do you take corporate/ bulk orders?

A: Yes, we do and currently service a wide range of corporate clients in Singapore. You can directly email or WhatsApp us to order if you are a corporate client ordering in bulk.

Email: [email protected]


Q: Are payments on your site secure?

A: Definitely yes! We place utmost importance in the security of payments using your cards. All our transactions go through Stripe and your credit card details stays with Stripe (It is not stored with us). Stripe boasts of a world class infrastructure with cyber security specialists to ensure the safety of your details. Therefore, rest assure and shop with confidence! For more information on Stripe security, please refer to the link here

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