4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Inkjet Printer Healthy


1. Maintain regular print head cleaning

The print head is the most sensitive and important piece of component in an inkjet printer. Some print heads are attached to the printer while others are disposable print heads attached to the ink cartridge. As important as it might be, it needs regular maintenance. Ensure that the print head is being maintained every 2-3 days at max if there are no printing jobs done. This preventive action helps to clear up and prevent any ink residual to remain and harden on the print head which regularly causes print head clog and print quality issues

2. Print regularly- preferably every day

This is the age old saying to print regularly. There are 2 reasons actually. First is to ensure that the print head is regularly heated up and dispurging of any printer ink clog from happening at the micro nozzles. Secondly is more for practical reasons which is to ensure that your ink in the ink cartridge does not go wasted and dry up! ๐Ÿ˜Š

3. Keep your printer well dusted and clean

As mentioned, the print head is the most sensitive to its external environment like debris and impediments. Minute items like dust also plays an important role in ensuring high quality crisp clear images being printed. Hence, ensure that your printer is being well dusted and kept clean especially the printer internals

4. Use high quality premium ink cartridges

Use high quality premium compatible ink cartridges that save money but not compromise on quality. Dirt cheap ink cartridge prices out there have a reason. Suppliers sell and run off when there are issues. Cheap low-quality ink cartridges have poor cartridge mold, low quality components parts that results in leaks, print head nozzle clog, color print accuracy issues and error messages. Therefore, think twice in future before committing to the cheapest prices. There is a good reason why their prices are so low and thatโ€™s for you to ponder on ๐Ÿ˜Š

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