6 Key Differences Between Dye Ink & Pigment Ink

dye pigment ink

Printer ink cartridges are widely available everywhere with all sorts of brands and price points but, do you know what type of ink are you buying and why some are slightly more expensive than the other? Which type of ink works best with photo paper? Which type of ink has more color vibrancy. Let us give some advise. Generally speaking, there are 2 types of ink- Dye Ink and Pigment Ink.

Dye Ink

Dye Ink they are generally more widely used and accepted in inkjet printing technology due to its low cost and efficiency. It prints exceptionally beautiful and vibrant colors and is water resistant to a certain extend (provided no external heavy impediments disrupt the prints). It is great for casual printing which requires it to last a year or so.

Pigment Ink

Pigment ink on the hand other is slightly higher in cost in comparison to dye ink. Pigment ink prints are on the other hand truer to its original color but with great longevity. The prints are resistant to UV (i.e. sunlight) exposure and are also highly water resistant. It works well for printing photos and important documents expected to last throughout the years. Glossy paper will also help to bring out the color vibrancy of its prints.


In this technological advancement era, there are less noticeable differences between the 2 types of ink, visible to the layman out there. Advancements has narrowed the cost between the 2 ink types and has plugged the gaps in each ink type. In the inkjet printer nowadays, it is commonly using a combination of both pigment and dye inks to compliment the shortcomings of the 2 ink type.

At theinksupply, we take pride in ensuring lasting and high-quality prints, hence we insist on bringing in certain pigment ink cartridge on certain ink models like Canon Maxify 2700XL, Ink Tank Series Ink Bottles for HP Brother, Canon, Epson Brand. Always take extra precaution when purchasing ink cartridges to ensure that you are not short change in quality for an unbelievably dirt-cheap price which you will regret further down the road.

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