The 3 Best Brother Label Printers in Singapore

We have previously touched on the steps to choose the most applicable label tapes for your usage (you can read up the article Here). In this article we are going to recommend our top 3 most value for money and highly competent label printers available in Singapore. Recommendation 1 is the most basic mass market model and recommendation 3 is the more advance label maker with a myriad of functions. Important to note, THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST!

Why Do I Need a Label Printer?

Many shrewd consumers will first ask, “why do I even need a label printer?”. There are many reasons. First, label printers are designed to do repetitive label printing and hence the width size, configuration, operations are all well suited to a user who requires constant label printing. It provides the convenience and speed in printing a label. Second, label printers are highly portable and handy as opposed to an inkjet or laser printer. Third, there is NO EXPENSIVE INK required! (I hear cheers!). Fourth, the consumables are highly affordable. Fifth, it is able to streamline business operations very well.

Why Do you Recommend Brother Label Printers only?

The reason is very simple, Brother label printers in our personal opinion is easy to use, affordable and competent. This is supported by the fact the Brother Label Printers are the leader in the consumer label printing space in Singapore.

When or Where do we use Labels?

Labels are applicable in many different settings. It can be used at home to organize your home, in office for printing name labels or labelling office documents, in warehouses for labelling cartons or prepare delivery by pasting airway bill labels, packing customer parcels with pick and shipping labels or for customized packaging labels in the food & beverage industry. The list is inexhaustible.

Let us now start our recommendations!

Brother PT-H107B Label Maker $36.90 SGD


  • Very Affordable ($36.90 SGD)
  • Portable, Handy, Rugged (0.39kg)
  • Prints Up to 12mm Tapes
  • Able to Print 3.5mm Tiny Tapes
  • Decent Print Speed 20mm/Sec
  • Manual In Built Label Cutter
  • 9 Programmable Storage
  • In Built Keyboard


  • Unable to Print Larger Tapes
  • Manual 1 by 1 Printing
  • No USB or Wireless
  • Only 2 lines printing

This is a great companion for your daily simple labelling needs in the home or office. No frills, highly affordable and does what it is supposed to do quickly and easily. It is a very popular and mass market model in Singapore which you can easily find it online or in large departmental stores.

Brother PT-P710BT Label Maker $188 SGD


  • Prints up to 24mm Labels
  • Print Resolution 180dpi
  • Up to 7 lines printing
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Auto in-built Label Cutter
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Ready App for Endless Templates
  • Decent Print Speed 20mm/Sec


  • Less handy and Bulkier (0.64kg)
  • Less Affordable (~$188 SGD)

This label printer model is a more premium version as compared to the previous recommendation. It does more for example it prints larger label sizes, accommodate more lines of printing, Bluetooth connectivity, in built app templates and operationally it is more automated with the auto label cutter and the ability to print multiple labels at once. This model is highly suitable for the larger printing volume and in the business or office environment as it is more powerful.

Brother QL-800 Commercial Label Maker $268 SGD


  • Large label widths up to 62mm
  • Print Resolution of 300dpi
  • 148mm/sec
  • Prints various Barcodes Format
  • Auto in-built Label Cutter
  • Ready App for Endless Templates


  • Less Affordable ($268 SGD)
  • Bulkier at 1.15kg
  • Unable to print standard shipping labels of 102mm width

This label printer is yet another leg up for label printing. This is usually used in the high volume, high speed business environment where large number of labels is required to be printed. It is usually applicable for shipping, logistics, large offices, ecommerce settings. It is a highly competent printer that fulfils most requirements. One area of regret is that it can only print up to 62mm width size, which means it is unable to handle standard shipping labels (A6 size) sizes.

Where to Buy Premium Quality Compatible Brother Label Tapes & Thermal Labels?

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The above 3 brother label printers are different in terms of application. First model is a basic model no frills model suitable for the home usage. Second model is competent in printing larger number of labels at a larger choice of width sizes. The last model is the most advance model which applies great in the business or office setting.  

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