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6 Easy Steps to Choose A Label Tape

how to choose label tape

Label tapes have dozens of applications for the home, office or business use. For the home use, labels are commonly used for labelling kitchen food containers, stationaries like text books, files & folders, cutlery, cups, appliances, switches and more. For businesses like in the F&B industry, many use labels for sauces, food containers, kitchen equipment, fridge items, preparation of orders etc. They are highly versatile with various colors for various purposes.

However, choosing a label tape can be absolutely daunting and confusing, given the hundreds of available choices in the market coupled with so many different brands like Brother, Epson, Dymo, Casio, the list goes on and on

If you are a current user of label tapes, the easiest and fastest way is to check your current label printer cassette label tape. There is a white label on the label tape which shows the model number. For example, Brother label cassette, the tape model usually starts with Tze-xxx while Epson label cassette usually starts with LW-xxx. Casio Tapes will start with EZ-xxx. Dymo Tapes are typically easier to recognize as the tape initials are their brand name Dymo-xxx. If the packaging is still available, the label model number can also be found on it.

Brother TapesTze-xxx
Epson TapesLW-xxx
Casio TapesEZ-xxx
Dymo TapesDymo-xxx

If you are a new user and do not have a previous label tape model to refer back to, then there are a few steps to follow:

Which brand of label tapes do you need?

Typically, in the label tapes space, Brother labels are the most common and widely found for their ease of use and wide variety, then followed by Casio and the rest of the brands like Epson. Brother labels are much more varied in color for text and backgrounds, patterns and also the type of surface to apply on. This is ultimately down to individual preferences. We have more than 100 colors, designs and patterns of compatible brother label to choose from Here

What surface are you applying the label on?

You should be clear what type of material you are applying the labels onto. Generally speaking, there are 3 types- fabric, laminated and matt surfaces. Fabric surface is generally for clothing, laminated and matt is generally for any common surfaces and is up to the individual preferences

What is the tape width you would require?

Typically, this would depend very much on the purpose of your label tapes. If you are labelling cartons, you would need a larger width tape like 24mm to 36mm so that it can be highly visible to the user. If you are labelling files, then a thinner width size is needed like 6mm 9mm or 12mm. For food containers or kitchen labelling, 6mm to 24mm is fine depending on the surface area available on the item to be labelled

What text colour do you need?

This usually comes in 2 separate options, namely black or white only. Typically for me I would prefer white as the contrasting effect is better to raise awareness to the user

What is the background colour you need?

This option is highly subjective and varies according to individual needs and preferences. For example, some users want to label dangerous items, then a red background with a white text is suitable. Some users they want to label a product box and not affect the overall design, then they will use clear/transparent background with black or white text. Some users they want to align the labels with their corporate color, then they can choose from the wide array of colors available. Some who are doing handicrafts or preparing for special events will want to consider the more exotic designs like pokka dots, stars, pumpkin. Find them Here!

The budget that you have

There are 2 types of label tapes in the market. Originals (OEM) or brand-new compatibles. Typically, the former will cost more than 50% as compared to the latter. Performance wise, there are no observable differences. Some individuals have a larger budget and hence stick to originals while some would prefer brand new compatibles as they are budget friendly and their performance are comparable or even better than originals. Additionally, compatibles have more unique colors and design to choose from like lime green, pastel, ghost pattern, reindeer.

Speak to our experts at theinksupply where we have been specializing in supplying premium quality and low cost brand new compatible label tapes for years


In summary, choosing a label should not be a chore if you know exactly what you need. If not, follow our guide and it should be a smooth process.

Choose wisely and if in any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us at the below and subscribe to our exclusive newsletter. Hope to see you soon!

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