Tried refilling your printer ink or toner cartridges but ended up with lots of ink and powder leaks? Opened a cheap ink cartridge and ink drips onto your hands, clothes and even table? Below are a few ways to quickly and easily wash those stubborn stains off using readily available materials at home!

  1. Hand sanitizers should be sitting everywhere in your home now, if not better get some to keep the virus at bay! Squirt some hand sanitizer gel (they contain small amount of alcohol) onto the ink stain and rub it. Witness the miracle!
  2. Any ladies in your home? Grab a bottle of nail polish remover liquid (contains alcohol) and squeeze some onto the ink stain. Use a cotton bud to rub it vigorously and see the ink stain come off!
  3. Get some white vinegar from your mom! Pour some onto the stain and similarly use a white cotton bud to rub off the ink stain. They contain acetic acid which is an effective solvent.
  4. Go primitive and grab some soap and rub the ink stain off. Do caution that this will only works if the ink you are dealing with is dye ink. Even so, it will still take awhile to wash it off given that dye ink has greatly improved in its water-resistant properties
  5. Rub some toothpaste on the ink stain in a circular manner to remove the stain. It contains baking soda will may help in disengaging the ink particles stuck to your skin
  6. Tea drinkers you are in luck! However, you will need to sacrifice 1 of your valued tea bags to wash off the stains. Use an expended cooled down tea bag and rub onto the stain. The oil from the tea leaves combined with the rugged tea bag surface, will wash off the stains

In conclusion, ink stains from printer cartridges can be avoided if premium quality ink cartridges are used as a result of higher quality manufacturing practises. If you would like to avoid hassles like ink stains, go for brand new premium compatible cartridges instead of ink refill kits or ink refill bottles. Inevitably, the latter will create some mess, therefore be prepared for it in exchange for some cost savings.  

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