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Does your third party compatible cartridges always encounter issues like error messages? This is mainly due to the original brand owners blocking third party compatible cartridges. There are however certain printer brands which are more neutral towards third party cartridges and hence ensures for a smoother user experience. This is important because it determines your long-term cost of owning a printer and by making the wise choice, it will save you loads of headache and money further down the road should you wish to use third party compatible cartridges.  In this article, we are only going to review the 4 market leaders in the home and office printing space namely Brother, Canon, Epson and HP in chronological sequence.

Brother Laser Printer


First up are brother printers. Brother produces a wide range of printers, both inkjet and laser printers. Their range of printers are not as extensive as other brands but the ones introduced into the market are extremely reliable and cost competitive. Examples include the widely popular models like TN-261 TN-265 TN-267 TN-2480 TN-2380 TN-1000 LC3513, LC3511, LC3619XL, LC3617XL, LC39. Their printers are well designed and their consumables are highly cost effective (for both original and third party). Brother printers typically are very compatible friendly. Simply choose a reliable and premium third-party ink or toner cartridge supplier and you will be able to easily and affordably use these cartridges without any major issues. We strongly recommend brother printers as they are easy to use, reliable, print great quality documents and most importantly able to keep overall long-term cost low.

Canon Laser Printer


Canon printers are second in the list. Canon produces both inkjet and laser printers mainly the Canon Pixma series, Canon Maxify series, Canon ImageClass series. Canon also focuses on certain high specification printer models that prints ultra-high-resolution and high colour accuracy photos- mainly for photography pictures use. In terms of compatible friendly, Canon is at a moderate level. Unlike other brands like HP which actively pursue a strategy to block 3rd party cartridges, Canon employs a cost strategy where part of the Pixma series utilizes higher cost and tougher to reproduce cartridges. Due to this limitation, some of the Canon cartridges like Canon PGI-760XL CLI-761XL CLI-57 PGI-47 PGI-740XL CLI-741XL CLI-811XL PGI-810XL ink cartridge, it is more worth it to purchase the originals as the savings from third party vendors is very limited.

Having said that, a large part of the Canon Pixma and Canon Maxify series are still very compatible friendly for example Canon PGI-750XL CLI-751XL, Canon PGI-725 CLI-726, Canon PGI-820 CLI-821, Canon PGI-780XL CLI-781XL, Canon Maxify PGI-2700XL. The recent new series are the Canon Ink Tank printers which makes the on-going cost even more affordable. With third party premium ink bottles, the savings are even more substantial with a comparable quality. The examples of ink bottle models are GI-790 GI-70 GI-71 GI-73 GI-76.

Epson InkTank Printer


Third in the list are Epson printers. Epson manufactures and specializes in inkjet printers. Their technology is highly advance and they are the market leader in this field. They are the pioneer for ink tank printers and have remained the leading authority in this field. There are also non ink tank printers which require cartridges to function. In this respect, Epson takes a pro-active stance in blocking 3rd party cartridges. Their printers are highly advance and can immediately detect non-Epson printers via serial coding. However, industry leading technology has been able to overcome these challenges and hence suppliers like us are able to offer higher complexity ink cartridge models like T04E T03D T188 T193 with 100% compatibility and quality prints.

Other than that, Epson mainly sells ink tank printer which utilizes ink bottle refills. A premium third-party supplier will be able to supply ink bottle refills at half the original price. Popular ink bottle models include 001 003 005 008 T664 T673. A few customization models uniquely available from us are the 001 sublimation ink, 003 sublimation ink, 001 pigment ink & 003 pigment ink

Generally, for Epson, as they largely specialize in producing ink tank printers, there is not much issues in using compatibles. One point to note is the ink quality and ink type as using the wrong ink type from random suppliers may effectively clog your printer print head and malfunction it.

HP Laser Printer


Last and least compatible friendly in the list is HP. HP is a diversified conglomerate that manufactures electronics from laptops, printers to industrial solution like cloud computing. HP employs a pro-active stance in blocking 3rd party cartridges via pushing out the latest firmware updates in the background (as long as your printer is connected to the internet) and making manufacturing and reproducing their cartridge very costly. This 2-prong strategy has caused much headache and angst for consumers who wants to have a more affordable alternative to the expensive originals. Typically, HP will regularly configure and push out software via it’s centralize system to totally paralyze any user printer who is not utilizing their original cartridges. Examples of more challenging cartridge models are like HP-955XL HP-905XL HP-915XL HP-965XL HP-975XL HP-970XL.

In this respect, it is highly critical to find a reliable 3rd party cartridge supplier who has a very robust framework with excellent supplier relations coupled with relevant technical expertise on how to overcome such challenges effectively.


To summarize, whether inkjet or laser printers that requires ink cartridges, we would strongly recommend Brother and Canon printers. For ink tank printers, Epson is a pioneer and highly respected for its advance Piezo technology. This is coupled with the fact that high-quality cost-effective ink bottles can be purchase, we strongly recommend Epson. As for HP, its strategy to block out third party cartridges is proving to be a huge challenge, however they have a very wide range of good printers available. Therefore, we would recommend HP printers if and only if you are able to find a reputable, honest & reliable third-party supplier with an excellent track record to supply you with the printer consumables and provide reliable post sales service.

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