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Top 5 things to do with your home laser or inkjet printer

Home inkjet and laser printers are highly versatile in nature and they are able to perform many different tasks which consumers rarely use them for or are unaware of. This is coupled with the proliferation of ink tank printers which resulted in home printing becoming highly affordable. Hence, this has made many far fetched unpractical home printing ideas a reality. Here are the 5 key ideas where you can easily utilize your home printer to its full potential.

Kraft sticker labels

Print Packaging Sticker Labels

Did you know that you can utilize your inkjet or laser printer to print customized packaging sticker labels? It is both economical and easy to do and most importantly it brands your business. Firstly, you need to establish if your labels will be exposed to water. If it needs to be waterproof, it is recommended to use pigment ink with PET label materials. Secondly, does the label need to be long lasting with no fading. If yes, pigment ink is ideal. Thirdly, what kind of label material fits your brand style. For the most common material, it will be matt. For a tinge of shine and sharper finish, it will be glossy. Add some character, kraft material will be ideal. For something more magical and playful, try our holographic material. Our label sheets are all pre-cut, ready to peel and paste. The advantage lies in not requiring an expensive cutter machine to cut the stickers into shapes, unless your stickers are highly irregular in shape

Shipping/ Address Labels

Print Shipping/ Address Labels

Shipping and address labels are the most common items customers buy to print. Of course, using a label printer to do the task will be the most ideal. However, that typically applies for larger order volumes and hence the extra cost incurred will be more justified. For our home business, simply buy a pack of our pre-cut high quality yet affordable A4 inkjet paper (available in 6 materials: Matt, Glossy, Kraft, Clear, Semi-Clear, Holographic) paired with our versatile range of ink types (Pigment ink or Dye ink) and simply use our freely available template to format your required address and easily print them out. Check out full suite of products available below. One key advantage of our label sheets is that they are all pre-cut to various shapes and sizes, readily available to peel and paste anytime

Print on Clothes/ Fabric

This is a more unconventional way of using your home inkjet or laser printer but it is really easy to do so! For this purpose, we will require sublimation ink and sublimation paper. Sublimation paper exist like normal paper, the difference is that it is a special material created to iron onto fabric. Simply print your images on the sublimation paper, then place the printed sublimation paper onto the fabric to be imprinted and use an iron to iron onto the image. The sublimation ink will vaporise and etched onto the fabric to form the required image. Some points to note, when printing, bear in mind to print the mirror image rather than the front facing image. If your image to be imprinted is white, be sure to be using a black shirt. Always place a sheet of similar colour beneath the fabric when imprinting to prevent any colour leak which may ruin your whole tee shirt.

Pro Tip: if you are considering using a home inkjet printer to mainly print on fabrics, consider using an Epson inktank printer and refill it with our affordable sublimation ink specially designed for the Epson inktank printer. You can then print affordably and easily. Take note, sublimation, dye and pigment ink should not mix else it will cause clogging issues.

Print On Mugs

This process is similar to the printing on clothes or fabric. The only difference lies in the need for a special mug shaped heat machine to apply uniform heat onto the surface of the mug and vaporize the sublimation ink onto the ceramic surface for a lasting and vibrant image print.

Print Photos

Inkjet printers are more recommended for this purpose as they tend to be able to print finer details and eludes more vibrant prints. The type of ink is important. For long lasting and water-resistant prints, use pigment ink. For more casual photo printing, use dye ink. Paper material we would recommend glossy photo paper as compared to matt photo paper, reason being the former is able to exhibit more colour vibrancy and smoothness. There is both sticker photo paper and normal non adhesive sticker paper to choose from.


Home inkjet and laser printers are highly versatile in nature. They can do much more than the regular document and lecture notes printing at home. Furthermore, with the proliferation of low-cost ink tank printers, the cost of printing photos, sticker labels in large scale becomes highly affordable. Small businesses can customize their own branding to attract and retain a wider target audience. Do visit our store for a suite of materials available for you.

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