What happens when you install a brand-new printer drum cartridge properly according to instructions but still prompted with this annoying message “replace drum”.

The reason why you are seeing this message is because the drum counter is not detecting the new drum cartridge. The drum cartridge page count is done with a manual tracker within the drum. Sometimes, it cannot be detected by the printer properly.

However, only a few simple steps to reset the drum via the laser printer settings is sufficient. Follow the instructions below.

Make sure the printer machine is turned on

  • Printer with LCD Screen
  • Press “OK” AND “↑” at the same time
  • Press “OK” to select the Drum
  • Press “OK” to select the toner colour for the drum unit you have just replaced
  • Press “↑” to reset the Drum counter
  • Printer with Touchscreen
  • Press “X”
  • Press and hold “four colour bar” for 5 seconds
  • Press “Drum”
  • Select the toner color for the drum unit you have just replaced, then press “YES”

Upon ONLY replacing the drum cartridge, you may need to do printer calibration to get better printing results

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