theinksupply Compatible HP-85A (CE285A) Toner Cartridge


  • Product Model: HP-85A (CE285A)
  • Page Yield: 2,000 pages based on 5% average page coverage- Standard Yield 2,500 pages based on 5% average page coverage- Jumbo Yield
  • Compatible with: LaserJet P1100, P1102, P1102W, P1104, P1104W, P1106, P1106W, P1107, P1107W, P1108, P1108W, P1109, P1109W, LaserJet Pro?M1132, M1134 , M1136 , M1137 , M1138 , M1139 ,M1210, M1212nf, M1213nf, M1214nf, M1216nf, M1217nf, M1218nf, M1219nf
  • Local Singapore Supplier
  • 90 Days Product Warranty
  • Free Delivery On Orders Above $50
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Product Model No.

HP-85A (CE285A)

Page Yield: 

2,000 pages based on 5% average page coverage
*Industry standard of measuring page yield
*Actual page yield may vary according to circumstances

Compatible HP Laser Printer:

LaserJet P1100, LaserJet P1102, LaserJet P1102W, LaserJet P1104, LaserJet P1104W, LaserJet P1106, LaserJet P1106W, LaserJet P1107, LaserJet P1107W, LaserJet P1108, LaserJet P1108W, LaserJet P1109, LaserJet P1109W, LaserJet Pro M1132, LaserJet Pro M1134 , LaserJet Pro M1136 , LaserJet Pro M1137 , LaserJet Pro M1138 , LaserJet Pro M1139 , LaserJet Pro M1210, LaserJet Pro M1212nf, LaserJet Pro M1213nf, LaserJet Pro M1214nf, LaserJet Pro M1216nf, LaserJet Pro M1217nf, LaserJet Pro M1218nf, LaserJet Pro M1219nf

Product Description:

This is a compatible high-capacity HP-85A (CE285A) toner cartridge. Compatible means this toner cartridge was made by a third-party company and not HP themselves however, this toner cartridge is fully brand new and installed with a new chip, ink and cartridge, and as amazing as it is, will simply drop into your printer and install and print perfectly as original.

Providing the same page yield similar to the high capacity HP original toner cartridge, this HP-85A (CE285A) compatible toner cartridge provides a fantastic way to save money on your printing costs while enjoying the same amazing print quality from your HP printer. This toner cartridge uses premium high quality Japan imported toner powder just like the original so all your pictures will be produced with exceptional colour vibrancy and long lasting prints just as they would with the original HP cartridge.

You can replace your empty HP-85A (CE285A) toner cartridge with the compatible HP-85A (CE285A) toner cartridge with no hassle at all. Simply open the box and take out the toner cartridge wrapped in plastic, tear open the plastic, remove the orange cap, then push it into the empty slot until it clicks into place. And that’s it job done. You can use this compatible HP-85A (CE285A) toner cartridge along with any other original or remanufactured HP-85A (CE285A) cartridges, no problem at all. The toner cartridge is also compatible with popular HP laser printers like HP LaserJet Series P1100, P1102, P1102W, P1104, P1109, P1109W, M1132, M1134 , M1136 , M1210, M1212nf

All the cartridges we stock here at theinksupply have been thoroughly tested to make sure they’re up to our high standards! This is one of the reasons why we confidently offer you our free 3 months local quality assured guarantee! So if you do ever have a problem, all you’ll need to do is to contact our customer service team and they’ll get it sorted for you in a flash!

The cartridge is wrapped and sealed inside its box so you can store it for up to 12 months without its quality or performance being affected.

We process our orders within 1 working day and we ensure that the cartridges reach you in the earliest possible time. The shipping details are available here.

We sincerely hope we will see soon and be sure to shop with confidence with the printer ink, toner, label cartridge experts!

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theinksupply is a 100% local Singapore business with a decade of experience in the printing aftermarket. We stock a wide range of products ranging from Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges, Label Tapes and E-commerce packaging materials. What this means to you as a consumer is

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At theinksupply, we value and practice dealing with utmost integrity everyday. Hence, should the product be proven faulty after evaluation, we are more than  happy to honor our promises of a 100% refund to our customers. We guarantee you that your money is worth the product quality paid. We sincerely hope to see you soon or at least sign up for our exclusive newsletter right below to keep in touch on latest priority promotions!

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