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Affiliate Program FAQs

Welcome to our exclusive zone for our valued affiliates! We humbly welcome you to our family. We understand you may have thousand questions on how this works, hence we have prepared a list of FAQs for your reference. We hope it can help clarify some issues.

What are the benefits of joining as an affiliate?

First, it is 100% free to join as an affiliate (no strings attached!). Second, this program allows you to generate passive income with least amount of effort from almost anywhere on earth. Third, our products are necessity items which means you will be guaranteed a constant passive recurring income. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Sign up now to experience it!

What is the current commission rates?

Currently as we starting out, we are offering our affiliates 10% commission rates on every $ you bring into us. We are constantly reviewing our rates to ensure competitiveness

How do I register to become an affiliate?

Firstly, you have to be signed up as a member with us in order to be an affiliate. Subsequently, you can register for an affiliate account.

What is the frequency of payout for me?

Every first week of the month we will tabulate the commission payout and disburse the payment to our affiliates at the end of the first week (Friday)

How do I get paid?

Upon registration, kindly send us an email at [email protected] with either your Bank Details or Paynow number. We will settle payment directly via the above methods.

How are the commission payout tracked?

For every individual affiliate, there is a unique link which will be generated and through sharing the link and once your referrals make a successful purchase (i.e payment completed), the commission will be clocked as per the commission rate specified. The entire process is automated and hence is clearly audited and free of any manual adjustments

Do I have to design my own creatives to promote your products?

Absolutely not! We will have a list of creatives ready and available for you to use. Simply download any one of them, attach your unique referral link and start earning money!

Is there any way to track my progress as an affiliate?

Absolutely yes! there is a list of analytics you can refer to when you log in to your account. For example your accumulated earnings, # of visits to your URL and a suite of analytical statistics. We are equipping you with all the tools for you to make money as easy as possible!

Any other burning question?

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