500pcs Large Fragile Sticker Label Roll


Fragile Sticker Label Roll For Packaging, Logistics, Transportation, Shipping, Air Cargo, Travel

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Label Size:
76.2mm*127mm*500 Stickers

Product Details:
76mm Internal Core
Paper Roll version
Precise Cutting and Easy to Peel Stickers
High Stickiness, Resistant to Peel
Exceptional Thickness and Durability
Designed for use with Thermal Printers
White Paper Color, Black Text
Grade A Paper- Water, Corrosion & Scratch Proof
Great for Printing Airway Bills, Address, Cartons, Warehouse Labels
Applicable for Ecommerce Sellers, Logistics related, Warehousing and General Labelling Purpose

Product Description:
This is a fragile sticker label roll. This fragile sticker label is fully brand new and fitted with Grade A premium high quality strong stickiness sticker label which works great.

Fragile sticker label rolls have wide applications for example shipping, logistics, transportation, travel luggage, e-commerce packages and many different packaging needs. This sticker label roll is water resistant, scratch proof and oil resistant, providing exceptional crisp clear print outs. They are also very easy to peel off and sticks very well to any surface

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The sticker label roll is wrapped and sealed inside its box so you can store it for up to 12 months without its quality or performance being affected. As such, these sticker rolls depletes very quickly, it is always a good idea to stock up more to prevent disruptions to your work.

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