Printer Ink Bottle for HP Refillable Cartridge


HP Printer Ink Bottle Refillable Cartridge Singapore


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Product Description
A specially formulated dye ink designed for Brother Printer that brings out the most vivid, sharpest and best quality print out. The minute ink droplets are designed to be in line with the printer brand’s print head nozzle size, this can prevent clogging and improves the color and printing accuracy. Note that generic ink bottles will cause serious repercussions to your printer.

No complex tools and instructions required to refill. Simply squeeze the ink from the ink bottle to the refillable cartridge. Our ink bottle tip is made of high quality silicone and is effectively designed to be soft and flexible for easy insertion into the hole of the cartridge. The flexible nature of the tip also allows effective ventilation which prevents air bubbles from forming which would affect the print quality.

It takes less than 5 minutes of your time and is the most economical method to reduce your home and office printing cost.
Try it and experience the difference!


Ink Volume
Per Bottle: 100ml


Ink Type
Dye Ink uniquely formulated for HP printers

Additional information


1 Set of 4 Ink Bottles, Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow


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