50mm*25mm*1500pc Thermal Label Sticker Rolls


50mm*25mm Thermal Label Printer Sticker Rolls for Food Packaging, Logistics, Transportation, Shipping, Air Cargo, Travel, Restaurants, Cafes, Retail Shops

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Label Size:

50mm*25mm*1500 Pieces of Thermal Label Stickers

Product Details:

NO INK Required
25mm Internal Core
Paper Roll version
Precise Cutting and Easy to Peel Stickers
High Stickiness, Resistant to Peel
Exceptional Thickness and Durability
Designed for use with Thermal Printers
White Paper Color, Black Text
Grade A Paper- Water, Corrosion & Scratch Proof
Great for Printing Airway Bills, Address, Cartons, Warehouse Labels
Applicable for Ecommerce Sellers, Logistics related, Warehousing and General Labelling Purpose

Product Description:

This is an in house theinksupply thermal paper label brand. This thermal paper label is fully brand new and fitted with Grade A premium high quality strong stickiness thermal paper label which works seamlessly.

Thermal paper label rolls have fantastic applications for example printing of address, airway bills, logistics related labels, carton labeling, kitchen food labels, office labels and many packaging related purposes. What more, these label printers print at an amazing speed and does not require expensive ink cartridges. This is especially useful for logistics and ecommerce businesses that run large volume of packaging labels every week and increases operational efficiency.

Providing comparable or even better thermal label performance as other brands like the Brother, Epson, Dymo or Zebra label, our in house theinksupply thermal paper label provides a fantastic way to save money on your printing costs while enjoying the same amazing print quality. This thermal label paper is water resistant, scratch proof and oil resistant, providing exceptional crisp clear print outs.

You can easily replace the thermal label rolls by just inserting one piece of sticker label into the printer, let the label printer detect the paper and that’s it job done, you are ready to carry on printing!

All the products we stock here at theinksupply have been thoroughly tested to make sure they’re up to our high standards! This is one of the reasons why we confidently offer you our free 3 months local quality assured guarantee! So if you do ever have a problem, all you’ll need to do is to contact our customer service team and they’ll get it sorted for you in a flash!

The thermal label roll is wrapped and sealed inside its box so you can store it for up to 12 months without its quality or performance being affected. As such thermal label rolls depletes very quickly, it is always a good idea to stock up more to prevent disruptions to your work.

We process our orders within 1 working day and we ensure that the cartridges reach you in the earliest possible time. The shipping details are available in the same listing separate tab.

We sincerely hope we will see soon and be sure to shop with confidence with the printer ink, toner, label cartridge experts!

Why Buy From Us?

theinksupply is a 100% local Singapore business with a decade of experience in the printing aftermarket. We stock a wide range of products ranging from Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges, Label Tapes and E-commerce packaging materials. What this means to you as a consumer is

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  8. 90 Days Local Product Warranty

At theinksupply, we value and practice dealing with utmost integrity everyday. Hence, should the product be proven faulty after evaluation, we are more thanĀ  happy to honor our promises of a 100% refund to our customers. We guarantee you that your money is worth the product quality paid. We sincerely hope to see you soon or at least sign up for our exclusive newsletter right below to keep in touch on latest priority promotions!

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